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Title: Testing The Product
Author: LRThunder
Pairing: Harry/Hermione
Word Count: 1,925
Rating: R
Warnings: Underage (Harry is 16, Hermione is 17), handjob (but nothing more)
Challenge: Day 27 word prompt: shopping
Author's Notes: The prompt originally had me going in one direction, but the writing took me in another.

Harry suspected that Mr. and Mrs. Weasley knew he had left Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, so he decided to pretend he was shopping. Even though Fred and George said he didn't have to pay, he knew it wouldn't be right if he didn't. He walked around the shop, paying close attention to the different items the twins had on stock.

But it was the door that caught his eyes. There was a sign that read: No Underage Wizards Allowed. Given the fact that Harry was still only sixteen, he knew that sign applied to him. However, if he could have any item he wanted, then it stood to reason that he could go to anywhere in the shop, within reason. Just to be safe, he looked around, hoping that neither Mr. nor Mrs. Weasley were keeping an eye on him at the moment.

Fortunately, they were busy. Mrs. Weasley was in a conversation with Ginny, while Ron was showing his father something. For Harry, it was now or never. As he stretched out his hand to the door knob, someone or something slapped his hand. A young woman with blond hair and eyeglasses wagged her finger. "Naughty, naughty. You can't go in there unless you can prove to me you're an adult."

George swooped in to save the day. "Verity, this is Harry Potter. Yeah, I know he's underage, but he's also our primary investor."

Verity raised her eyebrows. "So this is the mysterious investor who made all of this possible."

Fred arrived, looking indignant. "All of this possible? Haven't you forgotten the blood, sweat and tears George and I put into this place?"

Verity sighed. "I know, but…"

George wagged his finger. "And as our primary investor, he has access to anything or anywhere in the shop. As long as he doesn't pass any of the items to our younger siblings, that is," he added sternly as he turned to face Harry.

Harry shook his head. "I won't."

Verity sighed again. "Fine. If you will follow me, Mr. Potter." She drew her wand and tapped the door knob. The door opened.

Before Harry accompanied Verity, he turned to the twins. "Keep your parents busy."

Fred winked. "Of course, Harry."

George grinned. "You can count on us."

Harry walked through the door, jumping in alarm as it slammed behind him with a loud bang. Verity couldn't help grinning at his surprise. "Trust me, it could be worse. If you had tried sneaking in here, people over in New York would have heard the alarm."

He didn't know if that was true or not, but decided to accept her word. "What is this place?"

"It has merchandise for our more mature customers."

Harry could see that. He saw posters with barely clad witches. One witch winked at him, beckoning him over with a finger. Verity scowled and shook her head. The witch pouted and folded her arms. As he continued his tour of the room, he heard moans coming from other posters. While he wasn't an expert on sex, he knew it when he heard it. After all, Seamus and Dean had managed to sneak in adult magazines the previous year.

"These items are intended for use to enhance sexual pleasure for customers. As such, we would normally only allow adults here, but since there is an exception for you, let me point out some of the items," Verity said. She picked up a small box that had a small heart-shaped cauldron on it. "This is a love potion. Actually, it's more of a lust potion. Just one drop in a beverage, and that person will lust after you."

Harry frowned. "Couldn't that be considered rape?"

"True, which is why we only sell this to couples," she replied, pointing to a small set of instructions on the box. "Let's continue, shall we?"

They moved to another aisle where Verity stopped at another shelf. She picked up a green box that was a little larger. "Do you know what this is?"

Harry nodded. There was a benefit to having been raised in a Muggle family. "Condoms."

"Wizards don't know what they are, preferring to use either Contraceptive potions or charms to protect themselves. These condoms are for those who can't or don't know how to use either. But these aren't just any condoms; a tap with a wand will cause the condom to, ah, stretch to fit the man's cock and put it on by itself." She winked at him. "That would come in handy, wouldn't it?"

Harry blushed, both because of her apparent flirting, but also the innuendo. "I'll take one of them."

"For a special time with a special someone?"

He thought about Cho, but that attempt of a relationship was over before it began. "It may come in handy someday, but I don't know when."

Verity nodded with approval. "Yes, you never know when the right moment strikes."


Harry packed the condoms in his trunk. He didn't know when he would get to use them, but it was better to be safe than sorry. He had never told anyone else, not even Ron or Hermione, about his tour in the adult-section of the shop. Only the twins knew, and so far, they were keeping quiet.

Over the next few weeks, he didn't have time to test these condoms. Between schoolwork, his captaincy of the Quidditch team, and his attempts to know what Malfoy was up to, he simply didn't have the time. The condoms remained in his trunk unused. As a result, he started forgetting about them.


"Harry, what's this?"

He looked up and saw Hermione holding a box. It looked familiar, but he couldn't immediately remember why. After the incident with Ron and Romilda Vane's chocolates, he asked Hermione's help in making sure there weren't any more unpleasant surprises. Hermione's eyes narrowed as though she didn't believe him.

The longer he looked at the box, the more quickly began to remember. "Wait a minute. I got that at Fred and George's shop."

She was skeptical. "I doubt it, Harry. I don't think the twins would sell anything like this."

He grinned sheepishly. "They do, in an adult section of the shop. Their assistant, Verity, gave me a tour. Even though I'm still 16, I was able to go in there because I was their investor."

Hermione snorted. "I probably should get rid of this."

Harry had his wand out before she could do anything else. "Expelliarmus!" The box flew from her hand and landed in his. "Don't worry, I haven't used any."

"I should be angry for you using magic on me like that, Harry, but…"

"But what?"

She blushed. "I am curious to know the difference between wizarding and Muggle condoms."

Harry looked around. While the dormitory was empty, that could change any moment. "Fine, but not here."

"How about the Room of Requirement?" she suggested.

He agreed. He quickly grabbed the Marauder's Map and threw the Invisibility Cloak over them. He checked the map, and was relieved to see that none of the other prefects or teachers were anywhere near Gryffindor Tower. The cloak would stop them from being seen, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Harry and Hermione soon arrived at the Room of Requirement. The door opened, revealing a large, king-sized bed with a large fireplace and a bathtub. Hermione raised her eyebrows, as if she was silently asking him if he planned on seducing her instead of looking at the condoms. He blushed as they sat on the bed. He noticed that she was a safe distance away from him.

He opened the box and removed a condom. Remembering what Verity had said about them, he started taking off his pants and underwear. Hermione blushed and turned away, giving him some privacy. Taking the package, he tapped it with his wand. It unzipped and the condom flew out, stretching out and becoming as long as it cock. Harry watched as it enveloped his cock, fitting him nicely. He continued watching as it seemed to blend in with the color of his skin.

"Harry, is it open?"

"Yeah, Hermione, and it's on."

"I'll take your word for it," she mumbled, still keeping her face away from him. Yet, she risked a quick glimpse before turning away again. "Are you sure it's on? I only saw…"

"It's on. I guess it, ah, wants to blend in so that couples don't have a visible reminder about it," Harry replied, blushing a furious shade of scarlet. He could tell she didn't believe him. He knew there was only one way she would believe him, and he didn't want to suggest it.

But apparently Hermione had it figured out. Keeping her face turned away, she reached out with her hand to touch his cock. He fought an urge to cover himself or push her hand away. Instead, he moaned as the softness of her fingers touched his condom-covered hardness.

She only touched it for a second before withdrawing her hand. "You're right, Harry. Even though I couldn't see it, I could feel it." She hesitated. "Do you mind if I touched it again?"

Harry continued blushing. "Go ahead."

She reached out and touched it again. Instead of releasing it, she wrapped her hand around it, scooting closer to get a better grip. He moaned at the touch. He knew he shouldn't feel this way about his best friend, but she was a girl, and he definitely didn't mind the feel of a girl's touch down there. As she continued holding it, she started to move her hand up and down its length.

Now, Hermione was facing him completely, her face as red as his. She gazed into his eyes briefly before looking downward. She increased the rate of her strokes, causing Harry to sigh and moan. He felt his passion surge as she stroked him faster still. He resisted the urge to help her. He had a feeling she wanted to do this by herself, at least for the moment.

But since his hands were currently free, Harry took the opportunity to take off his shirt and tie, leaving him naked. He could feel the heat from Hermione's face radiating as the both of them realized she was still clothed, while he was not. But any embarrassment began to subside as pleasure enveloped the two teens. Harry soon felt the urge, the need to do more than just get a handjob.

He suddenly felt the urge to have another part of her body around his cock, engulfing it. "Hermione, could you stop for a moment?" She obeyed and he tapped his cock with his wand, causing the condom to visibly reappear, then dissolve. "I guess that's how you take it off," he said, rather lamely.

Harry started to reach for another condom, but stopped. "Harry, what's wrong?" Hermione asked.

"As good as this feels, I don't want to push things too far, too quickly. You're my best friend, Hermione, and this feels awkward enough already."

She smiled and leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek. "Thank you, Harry. At the very least, we both know the difference between wizarding and Muggle condoms now. How many are left?"

He picked up the box and peeked inside. "I would say around nine."

"Don't waste them too quickly. Maybe we can use them properly later on."

Harry blushed again as images of shagging Hermione flew to his mind. "Yeah, I think we can do that. Later."

"Later," she agreed.



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