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Title: The Bite of Reality
Fandom/Pairing of Characters: Harry Potter, Scabior/Hermione
Author: LRThunder (LRThunder82 here)
Rating: NC-17
Kink Used: Bites/Bruises
Content/Warning: Rough sex, angst
Summary: When they shag again, Scabior doesn't know it will be for the last time.

Scabior knows he has to be careful. None of the other men know about his affair, but Greyback has an acute sense of smell. That is why he always washes himself and his clothing after each encounter. He knows it's not only dangerous for her, but for him as well. After all, there was the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters to consider.

Fortunately, the other Snatchers are away when Granger shows up. Immediately, Scabior is worried because she's crying. He knows she hasn't encountered the others, so this must be something else.

Before he can ask what's wrong, she is in his arms, kissing him. He feels her tears stain his cheeks as her mouth kisses his face. As they continue snogging, her mouth becomes more demanding and he thinks he can feel her teeth. Is she biting him?

She is. They're soft bites at first, rather playful, but soon they start hurting. But he doesn't push her away; in fact, he discovers that he enjoys them. Who knew that Granger can be so kinky? When she starts tugging on his clothing, he lets her.

As they undress, he once again hears her crying, but she doesn't give him a chance to ask. She's on her knees with his cock in her mouth. As she sucks it, she bites him again. "Okay, easy on the goods, love." He decides to take charge.

Scabior pushes Hermione to the ground and he's soon on top, ravishing her body. She continues biting him, causing him to growl. If she wants to play that game, he is willing to play along.

His bites are rougher than hers, and a mixture of pain and pleasure can be heard in her screams. Scabior thinks he needs to quiet her in case the others hear, but he doesn't.

They continue fucking until they both come. Scabior bites into her shoulder to keep himself from yelling. He feels her body tightening around him as she comes as well.

As they dress, he starts to ask why she's crying. Before he can, her wand is in her hand, pointed at him.

Tears fall freely down her face. "I'm sorry that I have to do this. Obliviate."


Scabior knows he has to appear tough. He still can't account for that memory loss, and if it worsens, that would give Greyback the excuse he needs to usurp leadership.

Today, they're in a forest. Word came from the Death Eaters that Harry Potter might be in the area. He doesn't care about that. All he wants to know is who left this scarf tied around the tree. He smells it, and a familiar aroma fills his nostrils. He wishes he can remember.

Suddenly, he hears voices, causing him to duck behind a tree. The other Snatchers also hide. It would be their luck if the newcomers were only Muggles.

"....set the enchantments."

Scabior grins. Wizards, maybe wanted wizards. He emerges from his hiding place, toying with the scarf. A young woman sees him, obviously startled. He doesn't know who she is, but he intends to find out.

"Hello, beautiful." Scabior smirks as the trio runs. Turning to his gang, he says, "Well, don't hang about. Snatch them!"

The chase is on.



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