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Title: Consequences
Author: LRThunder
Fandom/Pairing: Harry Potter, Harry/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Kink Used: Breathplay
Content/Warning: Rape/non-con
Summary: Harry shows Hermione there are consequences to her actions.

Hermione thinks Harry doesn't know, but he does. Thanks to his Invisibility Cloak, he's able to follow her to her secret rendezvous with Scabior. For some reason, she's wearing her Hogwarts uniform, or at least a version of it. He's wearing the Horcrux, which causes him to think angry thoughts. He watches as Hermione shags the Snatcher.

Harry clenches his fists angrily. What does Hermione think he's doing? Did she not realize the danger she's putting them in? Not to mention she's proving Ron's Horcrux-inspired rants correct when he stormed out. How can Hermione know the Snatcher doesn't mean her any harm? Or is it possible that she may be under the Imperius Curse?

It's a possibility, but judging by the enthusiasm in her voice, Hermione doesn't sound like she's being controlled by anyone. Harry watches as she kisses the Snatcher eagerly as they continue fucking. Resisting the urge to intervene, Harry storms back to the tent, not caring about the thoughts the locket is putting into his mind.


Hermione returns shortly after, pretending nothing has happened. He watches her with narrowed eyes as she prepares dinner, or the shoddy excuse of it. As she serves it, she notices his expression. "Harry, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," he lies.

It's her turn to narrow her eyes. "Harry, don't lie to me. What's wrong?"

He glares at her. "Maybe Ron was right."

She looks confused. "Right about what?"

"Not about us, but about you wanting someone other than him."

It doesn't take Hermione long to realize he has spied on her. She gasps as he jumps from his seat and flies over to her, knocking her to the floor. She struggles against his grip, but his hand soon covers her mouth and nose, muffling any protests she tries to make.

It's then that the Horcrux wants to take a different tactic. Harry grins darkly as he continues keeping his hand on her mouth and nose, but not too tightly. After all, he doesn't want to kill her, but he is aroused by her lack of breath.

"You want this, don't you, Hermione? Who knows how long you've been fucking that Snatcher? I was a fool to not see it, Hermione, the way you were making excuses for those long errands."


He interrupts her as he pulls down her skirt and works on his own clothing. He relaxes his grip on her face slightly before pressing down again. Her cries are faint as she starts running out of breath. With his pants down by his ankles, he plunges into her.

Despite her shortness of breath, Hermione continues struggling. Yet, Harry uses his body weight to keep her pinned to the floor, fucking her roughly. He grins as he continues thrusting into her pussy, pushing his cock deeper into her body. He is determined to make her pay for her mistakes. Convinced that she has learned her lesson, he releases her face.

Hermione glares at him, but doesn't push him off. Instead, she lies there silently, staring off into the distance as he continues moving inside her. He doesn't care if she enjoys it her not; she has to learn a lesson.

As he closes in on his climax, he's tempted to come inside her. Instead, he pulls out and comes across her chest, then collapses on her. Hermione takes the opportunity to yank the locket from his neck before pushing him off her.

Horror overcomes Harry as he realizes what he's done. He waits for the inevitable hex. Instead, Hermione adjusts her clothing and leaves the tent, disappearing into the night. Stunned, Harry sits on the floor and starts sobbing, ashamed at what he has just done. He looks over at the locket and wants to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The worst part is that Harry realizes that the locket didn't make him rape Hermione, but it made it easier for him. How will she ever forgive him? How will he ever forgive himself?



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