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Title: What He Wants
Fandom/Pairing: Harry Potter, Scabior/Hermione
Author: LRThunder (LRThunder82 here)
Rating: NC-17
Kink Used: Uniform Kink
Content/Warning: Dub-con
Summary: As they continue their illicit relationship, Hermione decides to fulfill one of Scabior's fantasies.

Hermione knows she's playing with fire, because Scabior isn't a nice man. Yes, he lusts after her, but that's not the same thing as love. To be fair, she lusts after him, and she know she shouldn't. After all, he admitted raping her no fewer than three times and then wiping her memory. After her somewhat consensual meeting before Christmas, she knew she should call it off.

Yet, his voice, his hair, his rugged looks, and his cock kept calling to her. With Ron gone, it's easier to make excuses to Harry. She suggests keeping closer to the bigger towns, because it's easier to meet up with Scabior. Sometimes, they shag in an alley; sometimes in an empty house; sometimes in an occupied house with its residents none the wiser.

Logically, she believes that it's only her trysts with him that's stopping him from informing Greyback, or worse, the Death Eaters about Harry and Hermione's journey. She wants to believe he's falling for her, but she's not naive. She'll do anything to keep Harry safe, even if that means fucking Scabior every day.

During their shag sessions, she learns more about him and about his fantasies. One of his biggest fantasies was shagging a girl in a Hogwarts uniform. She feels her pussy dampen as he describes the thing she would do to her as she wore it. "Sometimes, a lass is sexier if she's not completely naked. Sometimes, if she's only wearing a bra and her Hogwarts skirt, that can make me come more often than seeing someone naked."

Scabior doesn't mention it, but Hermione suspects that he would like her to fulfill his fantasy. She would do it to keep Greyback off the scent.


Scabior's face lights up with glee when he sees Hermione. She is wearing her Hogwarts skirt and tie, but nothing else. She grins as she walks towards him, swaying her hips. "I assume you were in Slytherin, right?"

He smirks. "That's a safe assumption, beautiful."

"Then I guess you've always wanted to fuck a Gryffindor in her uniform. Well, here's your chance," she says as she pulls down his pants. Kneeling on the ground, she takes his cock into her mouth and starts sucking him.

Scabior groans as he runs his hands through her bushy brown hair. He would like nothing more than to fuck her mouth, but lets her take charge. Hermione bobs her head back and forth along his length, taking it deeper into her mouth. Every minute or so, she stops and licks the tip of his cock, tasting his pre-cum.

His patience eventually wears out and he holds her head steady as he starts thrusting into her mouth. Her moans are silenced by his cock, but he can tell she enjoys it. "Yes, that's it, beautiful. Take my cock."

She does. He groans as she continues sucking him. Eventually, he can't hold back anymore and comes furiously into her mouth. Grinning, Hermione stands and wipes off her mouth. She lifts her skirt, revealing her pussy. She pushes him to the ground, then mounts him.

Scabior meets her thrusts with his own. His grunts match her moans as they fuck furiously on the ground. "Such a good girl, Granger."

"It's too bad you had to rape me earlier," she counters.

He grins as he flips her over so she's on her back. Then he starts fucking her furiously, slamming his cock deeper into her, causing her to scream. It's still too early to say that he loves her, but he certainly loves fucking her. Judging by the eagerness of her cries, moans and screams, she loves shagging him. It's a pity that they have to keep their meetings a secret from those closest to them.



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