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Title: Mud-stained Meeting
Fandom/Pairing: Harry Potter, Scabior/Hermione Granger
Author: LRThunder (LRThunder82 here)
Rating: NC-17
Kink Used: Wet/Dirty
Content/Warning: Rape/non-con (to be safe, but could be considered mostly dub-con)
Summary: She remembers this meeting as they roll around in the mud.

She stares off into the distance, ignoring the fact that the rain is soaking her. She cries Ron's name, begging him to return. But there's no response. She knows Harry is waiting for her in the tent. Knowing him, he's probably still angry, with his fists clenched. But far worse is happening to Hermione since her heart is breaking.

Hermione hears the twigs snap and thinks it's Harry, or better, Ron. Instead, she turns and sees a familiar individual, someone who had almost caught her the other night: a Snatcher.

She draws her wand, expecting to have to defend herself at any moment. Instead, he smirks and approaches, not bothering to draw his wand. "Hello, beautiful. Mighty fine time of the day to be out and about, eh? Shouldn't you be someplace where it's nice, warm and cozy, instead of out in this bitterly cold rain?"

Hermione freezes, trying to come up with a story. "I'm with friends."

The Snatcher grins. "Oh, I'm sure you are, but what's one more? What is your name, pretty? Be careful before you answer," he says as he walks around her, smelling her perfume. He leans in and whispers in her ear. "I know who you are, Granger."

Hermione raises her wand, but he grabs her arm before she can cast a spell. "Now, now, there will be none of that, Miss Granger. I'm assuming your friend is none other than Harry Potter, eh? There's quite a reward out for him, you know. The rest of my gang is hunting through these woods. It's lucky that I found you...lucky for you, I mean. Greyback loves female flesh, no matter how young it is or if there's a full moon."

She trembles. She's heard of Fenrir Greyback. "You wouldn't…"

"Turn you over to him?" he asks as the rain continues to soak them. "Wouldn't think of it, my dear. I know your blood status, but you can't help that. But you can help who your friends are. If you pay me something, I might forget I found you."

Hermione gulps. "I don't have any money."

The Snatcher leers. "I'm not talking about money, beautiful," he says as he pockets her wand. His hand ventures towards her covered breasts. He leans forward. "You don't know what you're missing. Well, you would, but you don't remember?"

She pales. "What do you mean?"

He starts to undress, not caring that he could catch a cold or worse. Hermione knows it's pointless to resist since he's armed and she's not. "I mean, you have been such a good shag, but I wiped your memory to protect you. Luckily for you, only my most trusted lieutenants know about our get togethers. Alas, the Death Eaters have them doing something else, so it's just the worst of the lot that's with me in the woods."

He finishes undressing and starts taking off her clothes. Hermione tries to resist, but he keeps a firm grip on her. "Now, now, dearie. The sooner we get this done, the sooner I can lie to my lot, and the sooner you can warm up. Off with your clothing."

Hermione's hands shake as she strips, tossing her clothes to the side. There must be some truth in his statement, because her body seems to instinctively warm up to him. He kisses her, gently at first, and she moans into his mouth. He wraps one arm around her as he explores her pussy with his other hand.

Their feet slip as the rain turns the dirt into mud. He grins. "I guess we better be careful, eh? On the other hand, I've always fancied a roll in the mud." Without warning, he brings her down to the ground with him, causing her to shriek. He quickly cuts off her scream with a kiss. They roll around, dirtying their back with the mud and remaining dry dirt. "Wrap your legs around me, beautiful. My cock needs a warm place."

Hermione obeys and soon he's thrusting into her. Her body responds with a strange familiarity. She knows she doesn't remember this, yet her body reacts warmly to his actions. He kisses her, and despite herself, she responds passionately. Maybe he did rape her in the past, but this time she's willing to give herself to him.

Mud stains their bodies as they continue fucking in the heavy downpour. The Snatcher places a hand over her mouth as she tries screaming, not from pain or fear, but from pleasure. This time she's riding him and his dirty hands are on her breasts, soiling them. In her mind, she pictures fucking Ron, but she wonders if he could ever please her like this Snatcher could.

Neither of them last long as they both come. They kiss, preventing anyone from hearing their cries of pleasure. As soon as they finish, he withdraws from her and pulls her up. He uses his wand to clean her up, and allows her to dress. After she's dressed, he returns her wand and turns to leave.

"Wait, what's your name?" Hermione asks.

"Scabior. I'll see you soon." With a loud pop!, he Disapparates, leaving Hermione alone in the downpour once again.



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