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Title: The Sound Of Silence
Fandom/Pairing: Harry Potter, Scabior/Hermione Granger
Author: LRThunder (LRThunder82 here)
Rating: NC-17
Kink used: Gag/silence
Content/warning: Rape/non-con, implied multiple use of Memory Charms
Summary: Scabior likes playing with his favorite.

It is a familiar song and dance. She's alone, preparing to wash herself. He watches as she strips down to her bra and knickers, oblivious to the cool temperature. She casts a charm to warm both herself and the water she's about to bathe him.

Scabior knows who she is, of course: Hermione Granger, one of the top Undesirables, and considered Harry Potter's second-in-command. If the rest of his Snatchers were here, including Greyback, he wouldn't do what he's about to do. He would have to ask her where Potter is.

Fortunately, his most trusted lieutenants and least bloodthirsty are with him. He signals to them. It is time.

Scabior steps out from the tree, intentionally walking on twigs to get her attention. She stiffens and turns. He grins. "Hello, beautiful," he says again.

Before she can scream, she's grabbed from behind, and a cloth is stuffed into her mouth. No matter how hard she struggles, they keep a firm grip on her. Scabior undresses as they strip her of her last bit of dignity and tie her to a post. Her hands are behind her, while her legs are spread out.

As leader of the Snatchers, Scabior is supposed to offer a share of his prey to his men. But as pretty as she is, Granger is still a Mudblood, and they don't want to touch her. The others, who are away right now, would want to ravish her, but there would be little left.

Scabior hovers above her, his body inches away from her. Tears pour down her face, and she's still trying to scream, despite the gag. He enters her, and her body welcomes his cock again.

The sounds of his grunts and skin slapping skins are the only auditory evidence of this coupling. Usually, he can last longer, but within a few thrusts, he is already to come. He pulls out and replaces his cock with his fingers, then his tongue. He suspects she's still trying to scream, but this time in pleasure.

Finally, he enters her again, and completes his renewed conquest. Once he comes, one of his men unties her, while the other holds a wand to her throat. "If you scream, you won't be able to speak again."

Granger nods, pure fury in her eyes. The gag is removed, and a potion is shoved down her throat. Once she finishes drinking it, the men hide as Scabior prepares one final spell.


She stands as he hides himself. As usual, she looks confused, but proceeds to wash herself. He licks his lips. Hopefully, Scabior will be rewarded with her for his faithful service. Until then, he would have to watch and wait.

A couple of days later, Scabior returns to the lake, wondering if she's still there. Surprisingly, she is. He smiles to himself. He doesn't know if Potter is with her, so he doesn't have any time to waste. Unlike the past few times, Scabior is by himself.

He watches Granger emerge from the lake, the water dripping off her bare body. Grinning wickedly to himself, he hurries forward. Alerted to the noise, she turns around, but before she can do anything, he claps a hand over her mouth and throws her to the ground. She struggles, but he uses his body to pin her. He pulls his favorite cloth from his pocket and stuffs it into her mouth.

Unlike last time, he knows he doesn't have time to undress. He points his wand at her throat. "One wrong move and you're dead, beautiful." The fear in her eyes says it all. Keeping her pinned to the ground, Scabior struggles to pull down his pants. Grinning wickedly at her, he enters her swiftly.

Like before, the gag muffles any screams she tries to make. While he would love time to worship her breasts, he knows he doesn't have enough time. So, he settles for a rough fuck, and soon, he's coming inside her. Like before he removes the gag, wipes her memory and soon fades into the background, leaving her confused as she dresses.

"Until next time, sweetheart," he whispers before Disapparating.



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