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Title: That Yellow Dress
Author: LRThunder
Pairing: Harry/Luna
Word Count: 971
Rating: R
Warnings: Underage (Harry is 16, Luna is 15), implied sex, nudity
Challenge: Day 28 word prompt: yellow
Author's Notes: Luna's dress is inspired by her dress for Bill and Fleur's wedding from Deathly Hallows Part 1.

The first time Luna wore her yellow dress, it was for the first Hogsmeade weekend. Unfortunately, she couldn't display until she was inside because of the blizzard. When she took off her coat, she noticed that she started attracting the gazes of many boys there. She blushed as she sat down with her Ravenclaw friends.

She noticed a boy, a Hufflepuff, started to walk over to him. Her blush intensified. He opened his mouth to speak, when there was a horrible scream from outside. Luna and the other patrons put on their coats and hurried outside. They arrived in time to see Harry, Ron and Hermione bending over something and Hagrid carrying someone or something in his arms.

After that, Luna decided to cut her visit to Hogsmeade short, and made her way back to the castle.


During the next few weeks, Luna couldn't help thinking about what might have been. She had seen the twinkle in the Hufflepuff boy's eyes, and suspected he was about to ask her out or offer to get a drink. If Katie Bell hadn't screamed, who knows what might have happened?

During the weekends, Luna would often wear her yellow dress around the castle, and she noticed that what happened at Hogsmeade wasn't an isolated case. Boys from all over the school couldn't help whistling as she walked past. She couldn't help blushing. She had never been given this much attention before. She knew her views would likely turn them off, but it was flattering to be considered physically attractive. She had never cared about that before.

Still, she didn't want to wear the dress all the time. If a boy wanted to go out with her, she wanted him to like her for who she was, and not just for her looks. Unfortunately, she noticed that they only turned their heads to stare at her when she wore the dress. Everytime she tried striking up a conversation about nargles, they would run away. Only those she knew from Dumbledore's Army, including Harry, Ron and Neville remained her friends, but they didn't see her as anything more than friends.

Or did they? Luna knew Professor Slughorn's Christmas party was coming up, and she had just come out of the loo after consoling Hermione. Harry had stopped to ask her to be his date for the party, with the condition they would go as friends. Still, the way he had asked her made Luna wondered if he wanted to be more than friends. Well, there was only one way to find out.


It was time for the Christmas party, and Luna decided to wear her yellow dress. She debated turning her eyebrows yellow, like Harry's had been when he had asked her out, but decided against it. He waited for her in the entrance hall and when he saw her in the dress, his eyes lit up. She blushed furiously, now confirming the fact that the dress somehow made her more attractive.

The party was fun, but not as fun as she heard the Yule Ball had been two years earlier. When the attendees saw that a vampire was at the party, they were scared, but she wasn't. She knew vampires had an undeserved reputation, just like werewolves. Besides, she trusted the teachers to help keep the vampire in line, although it did seem to gaze at her neck. She saw other boys also staring at her, but it wasn't her neck they were gazing at.

At one point, Harry left the party, but he returned a few moments later. Music started up, and Luna held out her hand. "Want to dance, Harry?"

Judging by his hesitant expression, it was clear he wasn't a good dancer. That was fine by her; neither was she. Even though the music was appropriate for a slow dance, Luna felt like speeding up things a little. Only holding hands with Harry, she made her way around the dance floor, dancing lively. Eventually, Harry got over his hesitation and followed her lead. She knew the others were questioning her choice of dance, but not for long. Soon, they followed suit, much to the amusement of Professor Slughorn, who clapped merrily.

Finally, Slughorn shooed them away, saying the party was over and it was time for bed. Luna and Harry were the first ones out the door, and therefore, were in a position to lose the others if necessary. She felt the need to lose them. Grabbing Harry's hand, she took him away from the route back to Ravenclaw Tower and hurried into an empty classroom.

Before Harry could ask what she was doing, she grabbed his head and kissed him firmly on the lips. She wanted to take charge before she lost her nerve. Keeping one hand on him as they kissed, she reached behind her and started unzipping the back of her dress. Unfortunately, it got to the point where she needed another hand.

"Care to help me, Harry?" Luna asked, turning her back to him.

If he had any reluctance before, it had vanished by now. He eagerly helped unzipping the dress, letting it fall to the floor. She blushed as she realized she had forgotten to wear a bra this evening. After all, she hadn't intended to be shagged.

Luna heard the rustling of clothing as Harry undressed, eager to be as naked as she was. Since he had helped her undress, it was only fair that she returned the favor. Soon, they both made short work of his robes and she found himself in his arms as they started kissing again.

As Harry prepared to enter her, Luna knew she would have to keep that yellow dress around. If he consented to be her boyfriend, she would make sure to wear it on every date they had.
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