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Title: An Unexpected Revelation
Fandom/Pairing: Law & Order: SVU, Elliot Stabler/Kathy Stabler, OC/Olivia Benson
Author: LRThunder (LRThunder82 here)
Rating: NC-17
Kink Used: Pornography
Content/Warning: Voyeurism, Future Consensual Infidelity
Summary: Kathy's request, plus a gift from Olivia, opens up possibilities for Elliot Stabler.

They say a partnership is like a marriage. Elliot Stabler knows this to be true, especially when it comes to his partner Olivia Benson. He knows her hopes, fears and desires. He knows that she tends to desire him, but refrains from acting on that knowledge for two reasons.

First, they are professional partners, detectives with the Special Victims Unit of the NYPD. Acting on their feelings would be unprofessional. Second, and more importantly, he's married. His marriage with Kathy may have its ups and downs, but he's determined to make it work.

And that's what makes Kathy's request so odd. At dinner, as they finish eating, she asks, "Elliot, are you attracted to Olivia?"

He hesitates, knowing the wrong word can provoke an argument if not a divorce. "She's pretty, if that's what you mean."

Kathy shakes her head. "You can be honest with me. Are you sexually attracted to her?"

"Why do you ask?"

She stands up and walks to him before kneeling next to him. "There is something I want to do, something I've always wanted to do. I think you know what it is."

Elliot nods. Kathy has always had a voyeuristic side to her. "You want to watch me have sex with Olivia?"

His wife nods. "I can't ask this of our friends, and she's the only woman I would be willing to share you with."

As wrong as it sounds, Elliot is turned on by this idea. Fortunately, the kids are at camp, so if this is going to happen, now's the time. Fortunately, he knows Olivia has an exhibitionist side to her. He guesses what she'll say, but knows better than to speak for her.

"I'll talk to her," he promises.


Elliot is thankful that the criminals have decided to take a break from crime recently. While crime continues, fortunately there haven't been any reports that require the SVU's involvement. That gives the squad time to catch up on paperwork.

He keeps glancing at Olivia, who seems oblivious to his gaze. He wonders when he'll have time to tell her about Kathy's request. He decides to call her later.

"Elliot, do you have plans tonight?" Olivia asks suddenly.

"Just dinner with Kathy. Why?"

She bites her lip, a sign that she's nervous about something. "There's something I want to show you, but…"

"How about you show me quickly after work? I'm assuming it won't take long."

A blush appears on Olivia's face. "It won't."

As she leaves, Elliot can't help wondering if she has been talking to Kathy. He decides he's imagining things.

Once the day is over, he accompanies Olivia to her apartment. He waits patiently as she gives him a package. Whatever it is, it's wrapped in brown paper. Judging by the size of the package, Elliot guesses it's a DVD.

He looks at his partner and grins. "Thank you for the gift, but my birthday isn't for another month."

Olivia rolls her eyes, but smiles. "This is for both you and Kathy. Just make sure you're both wearing something comfortable when you watch it. Also, don't show it to anyone else. It's only for the two of you."



With the kids at camp, neither Elliot nor Kathy bother with clothes in the evening. After dinner, their robes are the only things they wear. Since they don't have to worry about any kids, they've been going to bed naked.

Kathy pours them some wine as they make their way to the living room. The package is indeed a DVD, but with both a plain cover and disc. It's clear that it's not a mainstream Hollywood movie.

Kathy snuggles up to Elliot as he starts the DVD. "So, what do you think this movie is about?"

He grins. "I don't know, but Olivia wouldn't have given it to us if she didn't think we would enjoy it."

The opening scene was a bedroom that looked vaguely familiar to Elliot, but he couldn't place it. A young woman with long hair walked in, then faced the camera. Elliot is shocked to recognize her.

Kathy also recognizes her. "Is that Olivia?"

"Yeah, it is." But it's a younger Olivia Benson, probably before she joined the force. She looks like she's in college and no older. The footage indicates that it was once on VHS before being transferred to DVD.

Olivia is joined by a man that neither of them recognize. The onscreen couple begin kissing, and immediately Elliot realizes what this tape is. Olivia made a sex tape when she was younger, something that he and Kathy had talked about doing. No wonder Olivia swore him to secrecy.

He knows he should feel guilty about watching this, but Olivia had given him this, plus Kathy did mention making a similar tape with his partner. As they watch the DVD, Elliot unties his robes and takes it off. Kathy follows suit.

Olivia is now on her bed, with the man's head in between her legs. Her eyes are closed as she moans with pleasure. Elliot looks at Kathy and sees that she's fingering herself with one hand while rubbing a breast with the other. He grins as he moves towards her.

He kneels on the floor and gently spreads her legs. Then, in perfect timing with the man on screen, he starts pleasuring his wife. Kathy's moans start softly, but gradually increase in volume, matching Olivia's moans. Elliot soon has trouble distinguishing between his wife and the younger version of his partner.

The man's groans tell Elliot that he's now receiving oral sex. He looks up at Kathy, who motions him back to the couch. He complies, and she takes his place on the floor. She doesn't hesitate as she takes his cock into her mouth.

Elliot closes his eyes, resisting the urge to fuck his wife's mouth. Until now, she had never enjoyed giving oral sex, and he didn't want to ruin the moment. Her technique is slower, more hesitant, but that makes it better for him because it seems more genuine.

On the screen, Olivia is now on her back as her partner thrusts into her. Elliot lowers Kathy to the floor and pushes into her. He's immediately rewarded with a loud moan from his wife. They kiss as they begin fucking urgently. It seems to him that she's no longer interested in matching the on-screen movements. That's fine by him.

The sounds of Olivia's pleasure spur him on, causing him to pound Kathy's pussy. It's a good thing they live in a house instead of a partner, or their neighbors might complain about Kathy's screams.

The Stablers both come, just as Olivia reaches her on-screen climax. Elliot rolls off his wife, and they are content to finish watching the DVD. To their surprise, they discover that there's at least two more hours of footage of Olivia fucking in every conceivable position.

As they cuddle, Elliot asks, "Do you still want to watch me have sex with her?"

"Only if you share her with me."

Elliot's cock hardens at the thought.


Olivia is pouring herself some coffee when Elliot arrives in the squad room. He makes his way over to her, grinning. She sees his grin and laughs. "I take it you and Kathy watched the video."

"Oh, we certainly did. Kathy and I wonder if you have plans tonight."


Elliot lowers his voice as Fin and Munch arrive. "We wondered if you would be interested in making a sequel, with Kathy as another co-star."

Olivia's grin says it all. He can't wait until tonight.
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