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Title: Party Like A Snatcher
Fandom: Harry Potter. Scabior/Hermione
Author: LRThunder (LRThunder82 here)
Rating: NC-17
Kink used: Free space: orgy/group sex
Content/warning: Slight dub-con to begin with.
Summary: Scabior shows Hermione how Snatchers like to party.

"Are you sure about this?" Hermione asks Scabior as she looks at her clothing.

He smiles. "I'm sure about this, beautiful. They won't recognize you, and Greyback will be away on his own mission tonight," he says, gesturing to the full moon.

Hermione doesn't know whether to be relieved or disgusted. Granted, she won't worry about the werewolf potentially recognizing her scent, but there is the chance he will turn a young child into a werewolf. "But wouldn't my presence there be suspicious?"

Scabior waves her concerns away. "There are plenty of women Snatchers, Granger. We have these parties from time to time to celebrate our captures," he whispers, causing her to shiver. "As long as we both don't use your real name and you keep your disguise on there won't be any problems." He stops for a minute to think. "Come to think of it, I don't think even the more clever of my people will be there. So, you could use your real appearance without any fear of discovery."

"I'll keep the disguise on, thanks."

"Suit yourself, sweetheart. Are you sure you won't be missed?"

Hermione thinks back to the Sleeping Draught she gave Harry. "I should be fine for a few hours."

Scabior grins. "A few hours will be plenty. Now, take my arm."

She takes the Snatcher's arm and he Apparates them to an abandoned building somewhere in Wales. She can see light streaming from the windows, and as they draw closer, she can hear shouts, screams, laughter and music playing. She still wonders how she ever got drawn into this. First, she was raped by Scabior and now she's his...what, lover? Accomplice? Would she recognize herself when this was over?

"Scabior, is that you?"

"Yes, Hawkins, it's me!" he replies.

An ugly Snatcher walks towards them, leering at Hermione. "Who's this?"

"Penelope Clearwater. She wants to become a Snatcher, so I decided to introduce her to one of our parties," Scabior explains. Hermione tries to play the part by sneering.

Hawkins smirks at her. "Is she a good fuck?"

Scabior grins. "The best. Maybe you will want her later?"

Hermione resists the urge to glare at him. Being passed around like a toy was never part of the arrangement.

Fortunately, Hawkins shakes his head. "You know how the missus gets, but Clearwater will need to fuck in front of everyone to pass the test."

Scabior winks at Hermione. "Don't worry. She's anxious to display her talents."

Hawkins smirks again, then leads them into the building. The room was packed, full of naked and partially-naked people. Hermione sees women sucking cocks, while men take them from behind. She urges the instinct to blush. She has to refrain from displaying any sorts of innocence here.

"Well, shall we get the party started?" Scabior whispers as he leads her to the center of the room.

Their arrival attracts everyone else's attention. Hermione undresses as Scabior introduces her to them. Clearly, they expect him to get things going. Well, she was going to show that she's willing to be in charge. Without warning, she grabs Scabior by the head and kisses him passionately. His eyes widen in surprise, but she doesn't give him the chance to respond any more than that. She starts undressing him, and once he's naked, she pushes him to the floor and straddles him.

She leans forward, causing her breasts to brush against his chest. "How do you like that, darling?" she asks, using his flirting against him.

Scabior grins. "Excellent. We'll make a fine Snatcher out of you yet."

She playfully smacks him across the cheek, causing the others to laugh. Apparently, some violence between partners was to be expected. Once they're satisfied that she's on the level, they resume shagging each other. As Hermione continues riding Scabior, they're joined by another couple. The woman looks at Hermione with approval as she kneels to suck her partner's cock.

The sounds of moans and groans fill the room, drowning out the music. Soon, Hermione is on her back as Scabior slams his cock into her. She kisses him eagerly as they continue fucking.

Finally, it's time for the party to end. The Snatchers return to their various groups and prepare to leave. Hermione and Scabior wait until everyone has gone before removing her disguise. "Do you remember where you're supposed to be?"

"Yes," she says.

Scabior nods. "Good, because you'll need to be careful. Before the party I heard a rumor that one of your friends was picked up by some of us."

Hermione pales. "Who is it?"

"A Weasley, by the looks of it. Fortunately, he apparently got away, so they weren't sure." Scabior shudders. "Rumor has it that Bellatrix herself was furious and was planning to feed that gang to Greyback."

She thinks back to the full moon. "His mission tonight?"

"Possibly. Just be careful, okay?"

"I will," Hermione promises.
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