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Title: Wild Wedding Night
Author: LRThunder
Pairings: Harry/Astoria, Draco/Daphne, Harry/Astoria/Draco/Daphne
Word Count: 1,874
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Consensual infidelity, exhibitionism, voyeurism
Challenge: Day 26 Kink: Threesomes/Moresomes
Author's Note: None

The party began to die down as guests left. While the wedding, no, the double wedding had been short itself, the party had lasted for hours. After the first dance with his wife, Harry had found himself in other women's arms. Some of them, he didn't mind, like Hermione, Ginny or even his new sister-in-law, Astoria. But others, like Romilda, he dumped as soon as he could, causing Draco to laugh.

As the guests left Malfoy Manor, Harry started feeling nervous. It wasn't that he was about to have sex with Daphne. They've had sex ever since they started dating. No, this was the Greengrass tradition where the Greengrass wives would have sex with their in-laws before officially sleeping with their husbands for the first time. It wasn't just that sex with Astoria made him nervous; it was also the fact that Daphne would start in Draco's arms.

The husbands would begin by undressing their wives, then lead them to their in-law's room. After each in-law made sure the other was satisfied, then they would be led back to their own spouses and the wedding night would officially commence.

Daphne noticed Harry's anxiety. She smiled as she caressed his cheek. "Don't worry. Draco won't do anything to hurt me, and I'm sure you won't hurt my baby sister."

"I know, but it's just…"

She shrugged. "It's tradition. It hasn't been done in my family since my grandmother and her sister. Besides, Astoria and I like to share," she replied, winking.

After they were finished undressing each other, Harry led Daphne by the hand to Draco and Astoria's room. The Malfoys were waiting for them, with Astoria being held by Draco. "Here she is, Potter. Take good care of her," Draco warned.

"Don't worry. I will," Harry promised as Astoria walked to him. She smiled and it was very much like her sister's. While they had different color hair, their facial structure was similar. If not for the differences in height and the hair color, Daphne and Astoria could pass for twins.

He led Astoria out of the master bedroom to the guest room that the Greengrass family elves had prepared for them.

In preparation for the wedding night and the swapping tradition, Daphne had told Harry about her sister's likes. Astoria preferred her lover to be in charge, therefore she liked being on bottom. That suited Harry perfectly, even though he loved it when Daphne took charge. Astoria also like slow, gentle sex, which was more of a problem for Harry since Daphne liked it fast and rough. He would do his best, not only for Draco's sake, but for Daphne's, too.

Harry and Astoria started with a soft kiss as they embraced. He gently tilted her head back, giving him access to her neck. A soft moan escaped her lips as he explored her neck and throat areas. He kissed and sucked on her soft, delicate skin. From there, he lowered himself so he could attend to her breasts. He sucked gently on each nipple, causing Astoria to moan even louder. Lower and lower he went, exploring her stomach area, licking her skin. A particularly loud moan sounded when his tongue neared her belly button. He grinned. He knew where she was particularly sensitive. He was determined to return to that area later.

Now, Harry was on his knees as his head neared her sex. Like Daphne, Astoria had shaved that area, giving Harry a better look at her opening. His wife didn't like oral sex, either giving or receiving, preferring to jump to the main act, so to speak. He didn't complain; he preferred that as well, but he wondered if Astoria had the same preference. Only one way to find out.

He put his face right next to her pussy, his mouth above its surface. He looked up and Astoria nodded. Apparently, she did like oral sex. Fortunately, his old girlfriend, Ginny, had loved having her sex attended to. Harry's only fear was that he was out of practice.

Astoria gasped and moaned as he worshipped her. Thankfully, he wasn't that much out of pleasure. Her cries grew louder as he continued pleasuring her. Judging by the volume of her moans and the movement of her body, Astoria was already close to an orgasm. Harry grinned as he brought her over the edge, causing her to cry out his name.


As soon as the bedroom door closed, Daphne found herself in Draco's arms. They kissed wildly, passionately as he steered her towards the bed. She hoped Astoria had given him tips about how she liked making love. She knew her sister was into foreplay and gentle sex, but Daphne liked it rough and hard.

Judging by Draco's playful growls, she knew he was well informed of her likes. She grinned as she collapsed on the bed, bringing him down on top of her. They kissed again, desperately clinging to each other. Daphne was ready for him. She needed him. No more foreplay, not now.

She spread her legs as Draco buried himself deep inside her. Even though she liked her lovers thrusting in quickly like that, she wasn't used to Draco's size. She gasped and had to adjust to his length. He looked at her impatiently, causing her to smirk. As much as she wanted to tease him, she wanted to move things along. After all, she wanted to fuck her own husband before morning.

He started thrusting in her so quickly and forcefully that she found herself clinging to him. Normally, she wouldn't do this with Harry, but Draco was like an animal, a predator claiming its prey, and she was the prey. He had barely started before she found herself near her orgasm already. Merlin, this was great. She loved Harry as a lover, but Draco had his own strengths and talents.

His passion aroused her, causing her to soar to new heights. She was already crying out, begging for more. Draco grinned wickedly as he granted her request. He withdrew, then flipped her over. She barely had time to prepare herself before his length was in her once again. He kept one hand on her waist, and used the other to pin her head to the bed, causing her moans to be muffled.

Before long, the comforter muffled any attempts she made to cry out his name. Her body shuddered as she came. He removed his hand from her head, allowing her to raise it. "My turn," she said, gasping for breath. Merlin, could Draco fuck or what?


Even with the guest bedroom door closed, Harry could still hear his wife's screams. He couldn't help feeling a twinge of jealousy. He hadn't managed to make her come that quickly, yet Draco was able to. Still, he knew she loved him and he loved her. Meanwhile, he had another Greengrass woman to attend to.

After she had her orgasm, Astoria directed him to join her on the bed. She adjusted herself, then beckoned for him to enter her. Remembering to keep it as slow and gentle as possible, he eased his way into her, resisting the natural urge to slam his cock deep inside.

Once Harry was fully sheathed inside her, they began to move. He thrust slowly and gently, and she moved her body to meet his thrusts. They gazed into each other's eyes as they made love. They kissed a few times, although they were more like gentle pecks. Apparently, Astoria preferred her mouth to be free during sex. He didn't blame her. Her moans of pleasure were like music from an orchestra. He wanted her music to continue playing.

Despite his urge to move faster, Harry discovered he liked this slow, sensual pace. He didn't work up a sweat like he usually did during sex. Instead, he was able to use his fingers to explore her skin. He positioned himself so his hands could caress her lovely skin. As usual, though, his mouth found its way back to Astoria's nipples, eliciting more sighs from her.


Daphne was now on top, riding Draco furiously. He grinned as she leaned forward to pin his hands to the bed, her breasts mere inches from his face. Since Draco had been so polite to let her come first, she knew it was only fair for her to return the favor. She saw up, and was thrilled by the look on his face. He started grunting and groaning, which told her he was close. Sure enough, he shouted her name as he filled her.

"Astoria doesn't know what she's missing," Daphne said as she rolled off her.

"And Potter does?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

She smirked. "Well, I came sooner than I usually do, but this was still tame compared to our normal exploits. Sometimes, I think he likes to tease me. I think he could get me to come as quickly as I want...if he wanted to. Speaking of Harry and Astoria, shall we see how they're getting along?"

Daphne rolled out of bed before he could respond. Not bothering to dress, she laughed as she ran out of the bedroom. Draco playfully growled as he ran after her. He caught up to her at the guest room. He pushed the door open and his wife's cries immediately filled his ears.

They watched Harry thrust in and out, picking up speed. Daphne guessed Harry thought her sister was close an orgasm and wanted her to come. That was very sensitive of him. Sure enough, Astoria screamed. In a flash, Draco was at his wife's side, beckoning the other couple to make room for him on the bed. Daphne wondered what that was about, but her question was answered as Draco thrust his cock into Astoria's mouth. In the meantime, Harry continued thrusting, his pace slower now. He started grunting, and she knew he was close.

She decided to spice things up. Even though she normally didn't like oral sex, she decided to do things a little differently. She hurried over to Harry, who noticed her approach. She knelt on the floor, and he got her hint immediately. He didn't waste time asking any questions. Instead, he plunged his cock into her mouth. It only took a couple of thrusts before he filled her mouth with his seed.

"Harry, let's help Draco pleasure my sister," Daphne said.

They moved back to Astoria, with Harry positioning himself at her opening, while Daphne moved to her sister's other side. As Draco fucked Astoria's mouth, Daphne kissed her sister's cheek and neck while caressing her breasts. Meanwhile, Harry thrust one, then two fingers inside her. With so much attention being paid to her, Astoria climaxed again.

When they were finished, Astoria sat up and kissed Draco passionately. Harry did likewise with Daphne, and each couple spent a few minutes just snogging and cuddling each other. Shortly afterwards, Daphne looked at the others. "Now that we've had a few minutes to catch our breaths, it's my turn." Astoria rolled out of bed, and Draco and Harry put Daphne in her sister's spot. It had been a fantastic wedding night so far, and the night was still young.



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